Moments in Time Calendar:

  • The Moments in Time project is a multi-dimensional, artistic expression of the concept, “meaning in life”.  What began as a simple, yet sophisticated black-and-white calendar has over the last eight-years evolved into a kaleidoscope of colour.  Assuming possibly the most distinctive look to date, the 2011 calendar can best be described as inspired, warm, bold, raw, colourful, interactive and very personal. It’s the complete opposite of the 2010 calendar with its clean lines and pure simplicity; this design bursts with energy and is unique in its interpretation of what Moments in Time stands for and everything it represents.  Born out of a spontaneous and collaborative process, the creative thinking behind the 2011 range of products saw a shift in focus. This year, the Moments in Time journey became the focus – instead of the end result.  The campaign thought is encapsulated in the line “This moment is your life”.
  • The one of a kind project portrays everyday South Africans living with cancer, all of whom are afflicted with different forms of the disease and are at different stages in their treatment process. This year for the first time, those featured in the project are all beneficiaries of the Moments in Time Trust and have received some measure of financial assistance from the Trust.
  • The project ambassadors range in age, are from varied backgrounds and present different life experiences.  Imagery, personalised quotes, icons and design elements are used to introduce each patient in ways that represent their story, their individual journey, and their defining moments in time.
  • The Moments in Time project was first launched in October 2002 and is currently in its ninth-year of production.
  • The corporate social responsibility initiative is created and sponsored by AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals.

The Essence of the Project:

  • The common thread uniting the 13 calendar ambassadors included in the 2011 calendar, apart from being Trust beneficiaries, is their attitude to the ensuing challenges that accompany cancer in all its guises. They are mostly inspiring people with a strong will to conquer their own personal battle with the disease.  In spite of their pain and apparent loss, these are people who continue to say “yes” to life. Every day they choose life and choose to overcome the hurdles of their illness.
  • The calendar is a visual representation of the “fruits of the human spirit”, and aims to capture, through the lens of a camera as the Prologue states: “hope in the face of despair”, “passion in the face of pain”, “joy in the face of sadness” and “power in the face of vulnerability”.
  • The project’s first dimension is clearly the person living with cancer and the journey they’ve traversed.  The existential philosophy of Viktor Frankl and the concept of “meaning in life” form the second dimension.  Third, is the successful styling and composition of the photography to accurately and artistically reflect the first and second dimensions. The fourth dimension – and this year’s project theme – reflects the power of healing that translates in different ways for each patient through the activities of the Moments in Time Trust.
  • Although every picture tells a story, quotes, phrases or just single words that carry meaning for these patients have been included in their layout, as has iconography and smaller images of some significance to each individual.   In essence the patient’s page is enriched through the very personal stylizing in accordance with the patient’s personality, experiences, and values as interpreted through the background they submitted to the project.