Yavi Madurai

Yavi’s journey with breast cancer began in 2003 with the discovery of a lump in her right breast which she ignored until a more convenient time. When she did attend to it a week later, she was scared and her worst fears were confirmed. She underwent a partial mastectomy but her breast cancer was particularly aggressive; from diagnosis to surgery, it spread beyond the breast tissue to her surrounding lymph nodes. Yavi needed chemotherapy and radiation during which time she lost all of her hair and the pace of her normally frantic life was greatly reduced. Yavi describes her pre-cancer self as very aggressive and driven, always on the go, internalising, planning, controlling and living for tomorrow. She’s different today and because of her cancer it’s made her value the human spirit. While it was a painful and life threatening journey the experience has also given her so much. Despite being told she would never have children, as if by some act of universal synchronicity, she was granted her greatest wish, a beautiful baby girl – born in Breast Cancer month.

This survivor had come full circle, from fighting for her life, to giving new life. Now running her own business – she lives each day to its fullest. “I make sure my life is filled with amazing people, wonderful experiences, and memorable events. I live for my husband and daughter – they are my reason for everything.” Today she is in remission and counts her blessings each day. She is unswerving in her pursuit of making memories and leaving a legacy that will last, long after she has left this world. “Cancer was a second chance at life.”

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