Yaseen Valli

Yaseen is a man whose childhood was spent ‘learning the way of the warrior’. Not only did he acquire a black belt in Martial Arts, but he gained knowledge of Eastern spirituality – brute strength pacified by a strong inner spirit.  Little did he know how much he would need these qualities to fight and survive a dread disease. In addition to several obvious signs that something was wrong, Yaseen found a lump in his groin, which when removed revealed that he had stage three Hogkins Lymphoma. That was 2003. Yaseen was completely terrified and believed at times that he was going to die. Losing 20kg during chemotherapy – his treatment can only be described as particularly unpleasant. From perpetual indigestion to losing his hair and eyebrows, anal fissures, appalling nausea and vomiting and burns on his face and legs which became infected; he experienced the worst of it. But a fighter, he began talking to the disease and visualised himself throwing off the illness during bouts of vomiting. The battle had moved from the physical to the mental and emotional.

Today Yaseen is in remission and the picture of health. Having gone into body building he lives a very clean life and he’s been placed in several competitions and placed first in one. Despite being told he would never have another child post chemo, he defied the odds and did. A keen businessman and entrepreneur, Yaseen owns his own asset management business. He is also the brand ambassador for a supplement company that manufactures health care products and supplements. Yaseen is a devout Muslim, although it pains him to admit it, he says he is a stronger person for his experience of cancer.

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