Sarah Strijdom

In 2003 Sarah turned eight; it was also the year she was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma. After an operation to remove the tumour from her thigh and the other affected muscles, doctors were afraid she may never walk again. She also underwent chemotherapy and radiation which lasted a year, during this time she was home schooled and had to learn how to walk again. She and her mom purposefully decided to be brave and remained positive during this process; it was this conscious decision that shaped Sarah’s recovery.  Since then she has had numerous operations on her legs but she defied all odds and continued to play and coach her favourite sport, badminton. In 2012 she published her first book “Spunky” which describes her cancer journey as a young child. She matriculated in 2013 and the following year underwent an operation to equalise her legs; her left leg was two-and-a-half centimetres shorter than the right. This process took many months but once complete – Sarah, for the first time in 11 years, was able to put both her feet equally on the ground! At last she was able to buy a pair of shoes without having them built up.

Sarah is currently studying a teaching degree through UNISA and soon will celebrate her 21st birthday. She has been in remission for 12 years now and this young woman is determined, ambitious and energetic; nothing is going to hold this go-getter back! Not even cancer. A determined soul; she never wavered from her positive attitude during her fight while it taught her family to be truly grateful for each other and this became their power!

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