Nuno Fernandes

Nuno was first diagnosed with cancer when he was 14. His journey began with a lump in his groin which when discovered was surgically removed. It was felt there was no need for further treatment at this point. But two years later, the cancer metastasized and was detected in his lung. He was then 16. This time he underwent chemotherapy. He responded well and within four months was able to stop treatment. Nuno remained excruciatingly independent and private about his struggle, but once he lost his hair, his secret was forced into the light. When he first appeared in the MIT calendar 11 years ago he was in remission. But seven years ago he was once again faced with a battle when he was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. Treatment included the removal of his thyroid and a treatment regime that continued for four long years. Today, age 37, he is again in remission and considers himself healthy and cured.

He loves to mountain bike and has a job in marketing which he is passionate about. He is married to his beautiful wife Taryn and they have a two year old son James who brings incredible joy to their lives. Nuno is conscious of how blessed he is and is grateful to God for every day he has life. There is no history of cancer in the Fernandes family.

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