Damian Engelbrecht

Damian was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which originated as a secondary cancer in his lungs in March 2004. He had been coughing for over a month when he developed what felt like a painful stitch! Battling to breathe, he went for a chest X-ray which revealed a huge white spot the size of a rugby ball on his left lung. It was believed to have been growing for at least two years. He was immediately admitted and the malignant tumour was removed; leaving him with a 15cm scar down the centre of his chest. After two weeks in hospital he began chemotherapy. Despite having what is classified as testicular cancer, his testes were unaffected and the cancer was only in his lungs. Damian is a Christian and his faith and the love for his girlfriend abroad kept him strong. Damian has made a full recovery and is in remission today.

His outlook on life has definitely altered since cancer; having stared death in the face he no longer sweats the small stuff. He has a big heart and describes himself as a deep thinker.  He is deeply romantic and is married to the love of his life, who he met in Ireland and was destined to marry. Describing their first meeting he says, “I met the most beautiful Irish lass and it was love at first sight.” A real love story, the couple who were separated by continents, and other relationships for several years, eventually found their way back to each other eight years after their first encounter. Today they live in Dublin and hope to start a family soon. “If cancer taught me anything it’s to keep fighting.”

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