Celeste Schurmann

At the end of February 2003, Celeste discovered a lump in her right breast which a biosopy confirmed was malignant. A week later she underwent a double mastectomy. For Celeste everything happened so quickly. She went into surgery with her own breasts and eight-hours later, came out with new reconstructed breasts. Skin from her back was used to assist with blood flow to the breast area and new nipples were tattooed on. Celeste encourages woman that can, to undergo reconstructive surgery and to do so as quickly as possible. Following her operation she underwent six months of chemotherapy and a further 10 years on Tamoxifen. Believing in God, Celeste knew that He would protect and guide her and her family during her ordeal.

Today Celeste is a picture of health and literally glows. Her hair is thick and full and she sparkles from the inside out; her blue eyes glinting with her warm smile that instantly draws you in on contact.  After 13 years in remission she is again facing her biggest fear – the return of her cancer. Her cancer blood count has suddenly spiked. Her tests are all clear though so she will repeat the tests in a month’s time. Amazingly she works for a plastic surgeon in Pretoria who does breast cancer reconstructions and it’s been part of her healing to support, encourage and motivate other woman with breast cancer. Celeste’s boys, Martin and Deon, are now 17 and 15 respectively and Celeste feels blessed to have had the opportunity to see her boys through their childhood. Her husband Deon is the love of her life, owner of her heart and continues to be her biggest support.

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