Amrith Sing

Amrith’s journey with cancer began in December 2003 when he was officially diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML). He tried oral chemotherapy twice but it was too much for his liver and had to be suspended. Amrith needed a bone marrow transplant. With no family a match he was put on the national and then international bone marrow register. While emotionally challenged, he was ready to fight and overcome his disease,  though the nights were the worst and his sleep was distributed by the demons he faced.  A donor was eventually found and Amrith began preparing for the transplant: massive doses of chemo over four-days and medication to create holes in his bone marrow, so as to receive the donor stem cells. The process was eventually successful and today life is quite different for this survivor. He started his own business which has given him better quality of life, now that he has been given a second chance at it. Grateful for the assistance he received, Amrith has become an active fundraiser for the registry. He is also a motivational speaker within his community, sharing his story and helping inspire the fight in other cancer patients.  He travels as often as he can – his most significant trip being to Thailand to meet his bone marrow donor; a member of the Tzuchi foundation – the world’s largest Buddhist charity.  Trapped in their hotel room during a typhoon, the couple reevaluated their lives and this enlightening time sparked many of the changes Amrith has since made! “I have a lot to do in life – I was not ready to go and I like happy endings,” says Amrith.

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