Adrienne Murray

At 23-months, Adrienne began experiencing vision problems; then her right eye went squint.  A doctor’s appointment found several tumours in both eyes. Her left eye was full of tumours. Her right eye was damaged beyond repair and removed to avoid a possible spread.  This was followed by chemotherapy and radiation. For one so young it was hard to lose her hair so to ease the pain of this loss, her mom shaved off her own hair.  With the chance that Adrienne would lose her sight, she was taken to game parks, the sea and the mountains, giving Adrienne as many visual experiences as possible.  Six years later the family has relocated to Worcester to be near a good school for the visually impaired. A beautiful 12 year old, she is described as a ray of sunshine, love and hope. An inspiration to her peers, teachers and the adults she comes into contact with. She has experienced total loss of vision and dealt with being in total darkness for weeks on end, coping remarkably well. From 20% vision at the beginning of 2016, she now has about 5%. Despite this she remains active. On most days she is on medication for the severe pain she experiences below and in her left eye.

Despite all these challenges, Adrienne excels and attains distinctions in all her subjects, has received trophies for Braille, music (piano and recorder), and was awarded the learner of the year trophy in her phase. Over the years Adrienne’s personality has developed and she proved herself to be a fighter no matter her circumstance.

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